Amazon Pay EU
for OpenMage

This extension provides an official integration of your Magento store with Login and Pay with Amazon service. It helps your customers shop quickly, safely and securely. Your customers can pay on your website without re-entering their payment and address details. All Amazon transactions are protected by Amazon's A-to-z Guarantee.

Download the latest version of Amazon Pay EU

Amazon Pay EU 3.0.22

Download version 3.0.22
SHA1: da04609802cf364ff1ffbd3a4a8043b5c3541fcf

Amazon Pay EU 3.0.20

Download version 3.0.20
SHA1: da04609802cf364ff1ffbd3a4a8043b5c3541fcf

Amazon Pay EU 3.0.18

Download version 3.0.18
SHA1: 34bc610b5ea98b28339cea077604f5a9bd343519

Amazon Pay EU 3.0.16

Download version 3.0.16
SHA1: d8be939a23d1a6614f5b3d96f9f34513ddc58a47

Amazon Pay EU 3.0.14

Download version 3.0.14
SHA1: 43f2ab5375ffcd6711d10c6b32323af54b24d6d6

Amazon Pay EU 3.0.12

Download version 3.0.12
SHA1: 6f4d758be1b5e658478974adefae405c5291c800

Amazon Pay EU 3.0.10

Download version 3.0.10
SHA1: 00f9981a36cd6317521f342118a948a0f1190bcb

Amazon Pay EU 3.0.8

Download version 3.0.8
SHA1: 871d195687dda1ad6a6906c9c30077a278cb268e

Amazon Pay EU 3.0.6

Download version 3.0.6
SHA1: e9afc304ff5d83115ef23af4c2d00085487d8f93

Amazon Pay EU 3.0.2

Download version 3.0.2
SHA1: 9d5a5ec7d9fb9e47a6131e8f3d82d96d96725591

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.28

Download version 2.0.28
SHA1: d7fe7ece76b0c33c7780ea045a74b7940606cf70

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.26

Download version 2.0.26
SHA1: 2d1292e65e1eb211b1027a17f1bf835a3bf7ffe7

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.24

Download version 2.0.24
SHA1: ff881c88b512857db14ea6b5501498854a315efb

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.22

Download version 2.0.22
SHA1: 7db1b838bd7b530d86d3f93bd465f8b785b04043

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.20

Download version 2.0.20
SHA1: 2afe68c6bfd3555e27c5fc0365b166ca5621a047

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.18

Download version 2.0.18
SHA1: 9661ac1f05b67017303656b18b1d81225b7e5f1e

Amazon Pay EU

Download version
SHA1: 46489c0b7964a5c092a5b2c5aa74ecf07973eee8

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.16

Download version 2.0.16
SHA1: e1da2801118d817d4c0f5cda85d798b08e9e416c

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.14

Download version 2.0.14
SHA1: 32a60922e9178d427864256fa22f0a413d52cf1f

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.12

Download version 2.0.12
SHA1: b1edc4b32da3d51498a0fd647cbf2d8876a230a3

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.10

Download version 2.0.10
SHA1: 559190b8097a01ecd1592ca82f90600eaec5f942

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.8

Download version 2.0.8
SHA1: 6b04bd847a52cef551ae13f85954618b61dbf0b3

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.6

Download version 2.0.6
SHA1: 62efd84c11e86ab118fdaaed7c6d9768db6dbc81

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.4

Download version 2.0.4
SHA1: bd83b6b98005b6858cfd81743308b965a3339f66

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.2

Download version 2.0.2
SHA1: 6f8ee91b5afed27062542273ca1024e27fa03c5b

Amazon Pay EU 2.0.0

Download version 2.0.0
SHA1: 0dcef19b52495a14e6e07cdc5ffc3551fea6a1dd